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Nordea’s new HQ in Copenhagen is a sustainable workplace of 2000 people, and the knowledge flows like a fine wine

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In the new Nordea headquarters, employees don’t have permanent workstations. A range of flexible rooms, multi-rooms, project tables, ‘phone booths’ and touch-down workspaces facilitate the mobility of employees throughout the day offering them to shift between varying working situations:

“Close to the facades, we have placed office spaces for focused work – creating a feeling of almost working on Amager Fælled. Through the façade design, we have ensured that workspaces have a daylight factor of 2%. This results in energy savings and in addition lead to comfort and well-being. A ventilated floor in the trading floor secures optimal air quality and cooling directly integrated into desktops guides heat away from trader floor computers recycling the heat.

On balconies ─ zones between the facade and the open atrium spaces, we have placed coffee stations and a range of the more informal work zones. Access to smaller, closed spaces with the possibility to meet more remote colleagues is a significant factor in securing the exchange of knowledge across an organization. In this way, employees in the new Nordea headquarters have the possibility to define and vary their workday in a healthy and sustainable environment. Participation, flexibility, and well-being lead to independence and job involvement.”


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