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Ground Control to XTX: A Sci-Fi London Office

Open the pod bay doors, Hal… it’s time to design an office for robots.


Stephen Bennett / Peldon Rose

London-based trading firm XTX Markets has built a new office space that’s all about the future. They know a thing or two about it: all of XTX’s traders are self-learning machines. Don’t worry, we’re not in Matrix territory yet… there are still plenty of humans keeping those machines in line. So XTX’s Kings Cross workspace is all about the blend of sci-fi tech with creature comforts.


Stephen Bennett / Peldon Rose

Design firm Peldon Rose took inspiration from movies like Tron and Blade Runner to create XTX’s new space, putting machines and servers on display behind glass walls with glowing blue lights. One hallway looks like something from Star Trek, with a working airlock door, a Battlestar Galactica cylon, and a moving mural of more than 30,000 LED lights. The company’s restaurant even has a replica of the Apollo 11 landing capsule, complete with seating inside. But there are also plenty of cozy spaces that are more living room than space station, with egg-shaped lounge chairs, inviting leather couches, and bunk beds.


Stephen Bennett / Peldon Rose

Maybe we can learn to live in harmony with machines… or at least, maybe we can design offices with that idea in mind. Take your protein pills, put your helmet on, and check out XTX’s new space in this video from Peldon Rose.


Stephen Bennett / Peldon Rose

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