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The Limits of Tracking Tech in the Workplace

Photo via Digital Trends While the quaint phrases “punch in” and “punch out” live on in the lexicon, the now-vintage image of employees sliding cards into a timeclock has given way to fingerprint scanners, facial and voice recognition systems, key cards loaded with monitoring tech, and… Read More

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WeWork and the Evolution of Co-Working Spaces: From Hackers and Activists, to Scrappy Start-Ups, to “Enterprise Clients”

Photos by Lauren Kallen, via OfficeLovin’ Contrary to appearances, the trend in co-working spaces popping up in major cities all over the world did not begin with tech start-ups, but rather with a “relatively small, scrappy set of independent contractors and do-gooders,” notes Laura Bliss… Read More

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The Office of the Future Will Still Have a Coffee Machine

Trumpf Logistics Center, Ditzingen (Photo: Ina Reinecke) When it comes to office design, it seems that few styles stick around for long. “We have been repeatedly planning working and office environments for almost 25 years,” says Berlin-based architect Regine Leibinger, “and hardly any ‘trend’ was… Read More

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Designing Future Offices Around Future Workers

We can’t talk about the office of the future without talking about the worker of the future—or the worker of the present, for that matter, often in a radically different position than even a decade ago. In 2016, for example, 35% of the U.S. workforce was… Read More

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Zen and the Art of Worker Bliss

In my neverending search for the ideal office layout,  I’ve pored over countless articles riddled in contradictions. Workspace designers often reference the Harvard Business Review study heralding the death of the cubicle in favor of open designs, yet there’s recent research by Fuze and others stating that… Read More

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The Grateful Dead had the Wall of Sound, But Amazon has a Wall of Ground

Appears there is a new kind of war between the titans: Google and Apple, doing their best to out-do each other on their Biophilic design. Now enter Amazon’s Spheres — Seattle Times has the best scoop yet.  Yes, I want to go there. Yes, It makes me… Read More

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LEED certification was so 90’s. We’ve moved into the “WELL Standard”

You’ve probably heard or seen the LEED logo on buildings near where you work, or if you’re lucky, on the building you work in. LEED ensures landlords are building spaces that adhere to green building design.  This has become commonplace for new building development, and… Read More

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New Software Empowering Landlords and Tenants to be more “We-Worky.”

Building owners and software companies are struggling to keep up with the tech-centric, community-centric WeWork. Enter HQO, a new kit piece of software enabling an easy entry point for making workspaces funky-fresh. One consumer-facing software app to rule them all, enabling: – Visitor registration and… Read More

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Nordea’s new HQ in Copenhagen is a sustainable workplace of 2000 people, and the knowledge flows like a fine wine

In the new Nordea headquarters, employees don’t have permanent workstations. A range of flexible rooms, multi-rooms, project tables, ‘phone booths’ and touch-down workspaces facilitate the mobility of employees throughout the day offering them to shift between varying working situations: “Close to the facades, we have… Read More